dirty dog bath time

Dirty Dog Takes A Both

The dog’s owner looked on in dismay as the dog rolled around in the dirt, getting its fur caked with mud and grass. But despite … Read more

Super Cally - The Cat and The Grape

Dog Life

The Cat and The Grape

A Super Cally Adventure Cally the Super Dog was always a curious puppy. She loved to hold up signs to get treats from people on … Read more

walkies in the rain - dog tv


Wet walkies

Walkies in the rain, just walkies in the rain… What a glorious feeling, I’m happy again. I’m laughing at clouds so dark up above. The … Read more

you spin me right round

Dog Life

You Spin Me

You spin me right round Oh Cally! You spin me right ’round, babyRight ’round like a record, babyRight ’round, ’round, ’roundYou spin me right ’round, … Read more

can you talk

Dog Life

Can you talk?

Can you talk Cally? Can you talk? Super Cally the chatty dog likes to talk in her own special way. Here I’m sure she is … Read more

Toilet Roll Video

Dog Toys

Toilet Roll Dog

Toilet Training Gone Wrong Super Cally is a happy and good dog but this crazy pup has a vice, she just loves to play with … Read more

the very naughty puppy

Dog Life

Naughty Puppy

The very naughty puppy This is why we said goodbye to a puppy pen when Cally was about 4 months old – she’s a climber! … Read more